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The Fuser Block enables you to securely fuse two ends of 3D printing filament together in about 10 seconds. With this tool you can recycle leftover filament, extend the length of your filament spools for long prints, and add color changes to your prints!

The printed parts enable you to safely hold the heated block under a hinged guard, and clamp everything to the side of a table. It works on 2.85mm and 1.75mm filament in any printing material. The Fuser Block is controlled by plugging the (3) two-pinned connectors into your existing 3D printer controller, so you can precisely control the temperature!

These 3D printing models are shared with you here on for FREE, but  to complete the assembly you'll need the associated hardware kit available from the EngineerDog Store here:

Complete assembly and use instructions are now available on 3D here: See image attached for recommended print settings. 

7-4-16 Update: Now included is a printable jaw cover that fits on standard 6" slip joint pliers. Using grooved pliers to squeeze a freshly made warm joint with as it cools helps compact it and further strengthens the bond!

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