Tired Cube RaspBerry Pi 3 Case

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Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and 3 B+. Size: Bottom: 89x125.96x10.28mm Top: 89.03x89.61x81.91mm

No screws required, the pins are designed to be a snug fit after one or two layers of spray paint/varnish.

The top casing has the face design bumped out so that it's easy to paint it with a marker or paint brush. For those who want to draw their own face on their Tired Cube I've attached a blank version of the top casing. 

Any questions or suggestions please send me a message or leave a comment and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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Tired Cube_BOTTOM.stl
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Tired Cube_TOP.stl
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Tired Cube_TOP_FLAT.stl
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