SelfieBot by ENDURANCE type 1

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DIY SelfieBot by type 1 coverage is a mobile device cradle/holder able to control the view direction while video conversation via any common messenger.

Design Files

File Size

DIY SB Magnet cradle holder.stl
545 KB
DIY SB1 barrel.stl
2.24 MB
DIY SB1 bottom.stl
290 KB
DIY SB1 bracket inner.stl
221 KB
DIY SB1 bracket upper.stl
212 KB
DIY SB1 cap.stl
549 KB
DIY SB1 innerear.stl
354 KB
DIY SB1 leftear.stl
506 KB
DIY SB1 rightear.stl
389 KB
DIY SB1 servoupper.stl
1.24 MB
DIY SB1 skirt.stl
1.54 MB
DIY SB1 upperel.stl
2.02 MB


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