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The TUMBLER from the Dark Knight Movies. I love this portrayal of the batmobile as it is an unstoppable force of mayhem. Created using sketch files and scans of a batmobile toy.  Some photos have supports, and some have supports removed.

It prints great as you can see in the photo, I only had blue filament so I could not print in black. It is incredibly detailed as all parts of the design are incorporated, and prints flawlessly on FDM printers with the right settings. The inside cockpit is actually hollow and open like the real tumbler because it was more realistic in Sketchup that way. When you are printing it should be filled in with supports. The windshield and front is very realistic, and the flaps in the back are actually mostly freestanding like the real bat mobile so you will need supports underneath which can be removed later. The tires too have the real tread! Overall I hope you like this design.

 Let me know how it goes for you. I spent a lot of time and effort to make this so I hope you appreciate it. Please read instructions, Thanks!

Instructions. Use these settings to get best results. Works best with PolyMaker PLA at 195 degrees using Flashforge Creator Pro

Shells - 2                         Top and bottom sold layers - 4              Fan at max capacity 

Use Rafts - 2 layers

Infill 50% or higher 

Supports VERY IMPORTANT - max overhang angle 45 degrees, support infill exactly 25% (rectilinear) 

Regular speed 3600mm/s

First layer 20% speed 

Bridging extrusion multiplier - 90%

Bridging speed multiplier - 120%

ONLY REMOVE EXTERNAL SUPPORT. Be careful when removing supports because it is fragile, especially around the wheels. Be Extremely careful when removing the supports which are under the flaps at the back. 

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