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When it comes to storage around the home, you can never have enough. 

Our newest product turns your small VOSS drinking bottles into a fancy modern storage solution for anything you wish to keep protected and within arms reach.

Designed for infinite expandability, your only restriction is your creativity and the available space to place them.

The 3D printable is designed to print with minimal support and within 2hrs (depending on settings) . The interlocking/pivoting design allows for flexible shapes and patterns and can be arranged to suit any positioning requirements you may be restricted to. Create squares, circles, triangles, swirls, whatever you like! The rack can even be formed around corners and objects. Use them from the kitchen to the garage and everywhere in between to store the following:

Coffee Sugar Rice Flour Pasta Seeds Nuts Bolts Marbles Sand (visual effect) Coffee Beans Art supplies Pens Pencils Photos Liquids Oils Spices Herbs Liquids Cocktail Mixes Printer Parts

The list goes on and because the VOSS bottles are completely sealed, they are great for storing food products and liquids. To remove the VOSS bottle print, simply use a steel scraper around the desired surfaces. This printable is designed for the 375ml VOSS bottles but can be scaled down or up to suit other bottle diameters.

Find the printables at Avooq.com or the link below:


Another Avooq Creations, Creation.

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