bridge for little remote control cars


SummaryThis is a 3-D printable bridge for use with small remote control cars, to enhance your table top racetrack.InstructionsThere are three 3-D printable files, available as Sketchup files, stl files and thing files. I printed them on a Makerbot Replicator 2 in PLA. You need one bridge plate, two bridge pieces and four bridge rails. The bridge plate connects the two bridge pieces, and then you can glue the four optional bridge rails onto the sides of the bridge pieces, to help keep the cars from falling off. There is a photo of the pieces before assembly, and the completed bridge afterwards. I printed them on the Replicator 2 using standard medium settings (2 shells, layer height of 0.27 mm and 10% infill). Print time for the bridge part is about 2 hours, the bridge plate about 45 minutes, and the rails about 5 minutes each. I had better success printing the rails one at a time.

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