Token Tray for Netrunner Rev3

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SummarySimple tray created for netrunner tokens, designed to fit inside an ultra pro 100+ deck box with 2 netrunner decks in single sleeve it is a bit snug but unfortunately the limit is the credit token. Looking at other deck boxes that would be better. Ultimate Guard's deck case 100+ is designed for double sleeves so it might have a bit more space. will need to test.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: RepRapPrinter: self sourcedRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 30*Notes: Some walls are very thin, it might have troubled on a 0.4-0.5 nozzle diameterPost-PrintingYou might want to sand the bottom to minimize thickness and prevent accidental scuffing of sleeves. How I Designed ThisDesigned with subtraction tools in 123d design. Micrometers help.

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