Shake N Take Sports Bottle Wrench V2

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My mom messed up her shoulder in a fall recently so I made this "wrench" in Tinkercad (edit it online to give her a little more leverage to lock the bottle into her Shake'n Take smoothie mixer. I removed the two lugs nearest the handles in the final version (as seen in the photos) as they are not needed and proved difficult to properly align. Less is better in this case! This is my first published design so I would love to hear your thoughts.

You will have to file or sand the end of the handle that fits into the ring a small amount to get a proper fit. I secured the handles with Plastruct Plastic Weld but any PLA adhesive should work as well.

This was printed on a New Matter Mod-T at default settings using New Matter filament.

NOTE: While this design is adequate, a newer version is available that fixes the weak handle/ring joint by printing the entire object as one unit.  Shake-n-Take Sports Bottle Wrench v3

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