OpenForge 2.0 Sphinx Statues

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SummaryOpenForge 2.0 This is a set of sphinx statues to use to make your scenes pop more. The small sphinxes are great surrounding a door. Either set works as impressive statues in the foyer of a mansion, and the large sphinx is great in a courtyard. Either one can make an egyptian setting feel more real. This is a remix of a sphinx that was posted by YahooJAPAN. I added a statue base to it and resized it to fit openforge tile bases. Both statues fit on OpenForge 2.0 bases, but you don't need them. I prefer putting a base on the large statues as they cover a significant amount of floor tile, so they might as well help setup be a little faster by being the floor tiles. OpenForge is now a patron supported project. I use the resources that my patrons give me in order to get the resources to let me create more sophisticated tiles with a greater level of detail. Please, support me, and I’ll deliver an ongoing stream of awesome gaming terrain.

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