Printable 5-piece iPhone 4/5 Speaker Stand


SummarySeeing a few of these on here, I noted there wasn't really something properly designed for the iPhone 5. I've designed mine to fit my 5 with otterbox case, so it will be a nice fit. I've added a stand bit at the back, and the entire assembly is toleranced to hopefully!! fit by inserting male ends into female ends. I'm currently printing this at the time of writing, so I will add photos when it's all assembled! Print notes - for some reason, the dimensions get lost between inventor and the STL export. All you need to do is scale all parts up to 1000% in Makerware or your respective slicers. I prefer Makerware because it allows me to manipulate in 3d, what I've done is sat the speaker bigger-end down, and everything on its' side. There will need to be support materials.InstructionsPrint 2x each speaker, one stand and 2x bendy bit. Assemble at any angle you wish.

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