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SummaryHeave yo ever miss an important page in your book, just because you where using a pice of paper or something to mark. Well, now it is over. Now you can not only mark but also know exactly where you left your reading. The flat side of the bed may allow to use a marker and write notes on the larger side. InstructionsPrinted with Nylon 6 (Poliamide 6) Nozzle temp: 220 Bed Tem: 60 // Not anymore, i use paper as wrapping material with some double sided scotch tape works even better. 2 perimeters 3 solid *Update: new file added, Senalador.STL is properly aligned and thicker to avoid falling. **Update: New plate added. 12 markers in a single 120x140mm build plate. Ideal for using the printrbot lc v2 plate. STL and Solidworks 2013 parts can be downloaded, feel free to modify and make it better.

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