Bagua Binary Castle

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SummaryA Castle Idea from Bagua/Trigram Figure. for more about bagua ,pls click the link below. I saw the Thingiversity Math Challenge: Build A Castle challenge,I got an idea to build one with Binary* value. But to how make it in to a castle without putting any number? " Bagua* " is enlighten me. (to know more about Bagua can check here some Idea is come out in my mind with "Bagua" and Trigram Figure But this is my 1st 3d model that create with Sketchup Make. Only basic tools I used. Mainly is Push/Pull tools. I try to make window door and more other detail. There is still a long way to go。 In mathematics and digital electronics, a binary number is a number expressed in the binary numeral system. (more about binary you can read at

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