Refill Cap for Lysol 'Disposable' Soap refills.

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SummaryIn this modern era of green tech its very shameful that a company is still intentionally making disposable bottles for the landfill. So my solution. A cap that fits onto a standard 28mm size bottle neck to refill there disposable bottle. To use. Just screw it on nice and tight then carefully shove into the rubber seal on an empty Lysol bottle. and squeeze the soap in, InstructionsI printed this on my ultimaker nice and slowly so that the stem comes out correctly. I had to make the stem as close as possible to the hole size so your going to have to do some cleaning on it to make it fit properly. Make the stem to loose and the soap leaks out as your squeeze it in. I used PLA with 100% fill. Just to give it some strength when your tightening. But ABS might work better as it flexes more

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