batman v/s superman light


light is giving a shade but its very large. In the design process we desisted that we are not going for the shade but to make the design of the light as an object.

most of the things you can print without support.

be aware that some files need support.

The design is based on the fact you should be able to print it on a 300mmx300mm bed 200mm height.

The lampshade connector you can glue to the lampshade. We have done this with our 3d pen so its welded together.

You can choose to print screws we choose to use the metal ones with we already had. The holes are for M5 bolts.

we use a E27 fitting for the lighting. With the 2 rings we clamp it on to the lampshade.

the swing arm is printed with support as well as the swing arm connector.

the leg file is printed without support. the hinge moment is printed in. if you print this with support it will not work.

You can choose different logos at the bottom or on the light it self. So print the ones you like.

good luck printing

printed with: by ctrl design filament 2,85 mm

collors: red, iron grey, silver grey, dark blue

design: by ctrl design

3D-print: by ctrl design

Design Files

File Size

by ctrl design under ring superman logo.stl
861 KB
by ctrl design turntable.stl
85.5 KB
by ctrl design superman light logo.stl
476 KB
by ctrl design lampshade.stl
55.9 KB
by ctrl design under ring badman logo.stl
195 KB
by ctrl design under ring badman vs superman logo.stl
654 KB
by ctrl design badman light logo.stl
184 KB
by ctrl design badman logo 2.stl
154 KB
by ctrl design badman vs superman light logo.stl
537 KB
by ctrl design lampshape conector.stl
129 KB
by ctrl design leg.stl
207 KB
by ctrl design ring.stl
49.9 KB
by ctrl design swing arm conector.stl
188 KB
by ctrl design swing arm.stl
155 KB


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