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SummaryWhile toying around with options for creating soldered prototype circuits with 3D printing, it occurred to me that the parts could live inside a little cube with their legs dangling outside of the cube for hand soldering. It will take a little bit of artistry to run the wires on this one, however the potential to "grow" these or similar structures onto your print for a morphed-in-place circuit is very attractive. The cubes shown in the photo are printed in high temperature PLA which will help resist solder melts and burns somewhat. If your fingers are too big and clumsy to put the parts in, use needle nose pliers of the type shown in the photo, and / or make the BreadCrumb bigger. The history of the BreadBoard goes back to the early radio days when hobbyists would use a small piece of wood as the physical foundation for building a radio circuit. These "breadboards" evolved until today they are in their current form that we are familiar using. So it seemed only natural to call these little things "breadcrumbs", though they could be made large or complex if desired.

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