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SummaryThis e-NABLE hand is equipped with an early prototype (#3) of a tested and working bidirectional communications link to the e-NABLE servers and back to the hand. This link is accomplished over WiFi using the small yet powerful ESP8266 module. The purpose of the link is to provide usage data for the improvement of the quality of e-NABLE's hands and arms. Total cost is under $20 USD and like a young puppy it can learn new tricks. Right now all it does is report the battery voltage every 10 minutes (approximagely) to the central servers which log each report in a text file. Soon we hope to add closures per hour as a second metric. The device is also capable of receiving commands from the central servers, hand-to-hand communications, audio, video, sensors and actuator control. For now, however it is only being tested with usage data. I sparked the idea in the e-NABLE G+ group and it caught on gradually with other members. Now e-NABlE Phone Home is a full-blown project with beta testers, retired engineers, college students, a professor, and soon we hope to include Veteran's Administration (VA) military folks in the whole project. Though it appears quite large on this 100% hand (the smallest standard hand size), it can easily miniaturize to a much smaller size, plus larger hands for kids and adults can handle the size better. After all, it's a prototype and prototypes are big and bulky then get miniaturized later. If you have expertise to offer our project or just have an interest in it, or for any other reason would like to participate in the e-NABlE phenomenon, please visit our website: www.enablingthefuture.org Thanks, Les

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