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SummaryThis will let you build Pleppik's awesome Christmas Advent Calendar a little more quickly. The Advent boxes are grouped in 6 day chunks, plated to fit the build plate of the Replicator.InstructionsNothing special here. I just plated it up using TurboCAD to do a quick grab and put the pieces together so that it'll fit the Replicator 1's build plate. NOTE: Only the boxes are plated for now -- you probably will want to print the toys in different colors! The slicing alone can take a while with RepG. And the print job is going to be an epic long print, too. My days 1-to-6 plate, with 0.2 mm layers at 35% infill took somewhere around 17 hours to complete. My Replicator is running stock non-accelerated firmware at 45 mm/sec, so if you're running accelerated, you should do much better. I did the rest at 18% infill, and they came out fine, and took less time. WARNING: I've found that under Windows, I had to exit ReplicatorG in between slicing and exporting the gcode to the SD card. I suggest exiting RepG between each slicing and exporting steps, as the resulting files are pretty big.

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