Soldering Iron Holder (for Aoyue B004)

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SummaryThe Aoyue SMD tweezer that I bought for a project came with an extra soldering iron, but no iron holder for it. I was going to buy one, but a friend reminded me that I should just 3D print one. The iron-holding head snap-fits into the base. It's a little bit light, but it gets the job done (BTW, I much prefer my Hakko iron that I've now owned for ~20 years, I usually keep that at my office. The Aoyue is okay -- not great -- but it's now my home iron for weekend projects. It's far better than using those cheap 15 watt irons that you can buy anywhere for about a few dollars.)InstructionsAfter printing the head, you will need to trim off the base. You may also need to clean the interior of the socket that will receive the iron holder head. I printed mine with fairly low infill, so it does slide around a bit, unless you anchor it down. I just used my pinky finger as I stow and remove the iron, and that was fine. Adding rubber feet will help keep the stand in place. Perhaps not right away, but I'd like to improve on this design, so I'm marking this as work-in-progress.

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