Infinity Mini Lite - PET Plastic Bottle Cutter

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Highly advanced PET string cutter (string from plastic bottle) 

Turn plastic bottles into yarn.

  • Motorized PRO version soon @ Kickstarter

 Parts for this project: 

  • 1x 3D Printed Baseplate 
  • 2x F688 Bearings 
  • 1x 608ZZ Bearing 
  • 1x Cutter Blade 
  • 1x 8mm Steel Rod (40cm / 15.7in )
  • 1x 23mm Piece U - Aluminium Profile (23cm X 13cm X 23cm / 9in X 12.9in X 9in) 
  • 8x 4mm washer 
  • 2x M4x20mm screws
  • 2x M4 Nuts 
  • 4x M4 wood screws 
  • 1x wood plank (20mm thick) as mount or Aluminium Profiles 20x20 


  • Drill Bit 10mm 
  • power drill 
  • Screwdriver/Hex Tool 
  • saw 
  • Superglue,loctite or something like that

Melting point of PET is below 260°C. 3D printable @ 250°C.

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