Stinger S-11 Flight Pod (18mm)

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SummaryA favorite of privateer forces and lone bounty hunters, this low-range, high-speed, single occupant vehicle was modified from an original Zyntari design and functions equally well in space or within planetary atmosphere. This pod can bring a significant advantage to a fight and is prized for being easy to upgrade. This vehicle was modeled for our sci-fantasy tabletop RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder and for Wayfarer Tactics (coming soon). We've set up a Patreon page for anyone who's interested to help fund us so we can keep making free and open sourced games like Pocket-Tactics, Wayfarer Tactics. and others, not to mention the growing catalog of gaming miniatures that you can use for whatever you want! (Psst... we take requests and commissions...) Enjoy!

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