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3D printable model of Lili from Tekken.

I have uploaded 3 models, one with chains, without and one flipped. The flipped one is probably the easiest one to print. I recommend using Brim and Support Type Touching buildplate if you print that one. Downscaling might destroy the layers, so be careful with that.

For the other two non-flipped models I recommend printing with support settings in Cura, my recommendation: Support; everwhere, overhang angle degree: 40 , fill amount: around 11-15 (lower is easier to peel off). I also recommend using Brim settings activated to make the support strucutre stable. Alternatively you can generate own support structure in Meshmixer.

I recommend using Kapton tape or similar to make things easier with support structure.

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Lili-Fixed_v1-with chains.stl
57.4 MB
Lili-Fixed_v1-WITHOUT chains - (Flipped) .stl
56.5 MB
Lili-Fixed_v1-WITHOUT chains.stl
56.5 MB


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