Chinese Smoke Design - iPhone 6/s Case

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I used a Chinese Cloud Pattern that I found on a silk shirt to create an artistic print for the iPhone 6/s. 

Note: I recommend increasing the infill settings at 100% to increase the strength of the iPhone case.

-----My Configurations Settings-----

Slicer: MatterControl

Printer: Wanhao Duplicator I3

infill setting: 100%

Layer Height: 0.1mm (0.2mm look looks okay as well.)

Raft: Yes (but not recommended)

Print ETA Time: 4 Hours 22 Minutes

HeatBed: yes (not recommended )

Sanding: Yes (if you are using PLA & ABS)

Printer Speed: 40mm/s (I recommend something slower so that the curves extrude correctly and accurately )

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