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Edit: Due to popular demand, I uploaded the files again without built-in supports

SummaryMy friend's son loves Iron Giant. They asked me to make him one. I found this model on GrabCad ( and modified to it be printable. with articulating arms and head and waist.


Head Upper torso front upper torso back lower torso hip (x2) left leg right leg fore arms upper arm (x2) shoulder pin (x4) Printing: Orientation of the prints is important. The upper arm and legs in particular should to be printed laying down to get the greatest strength. Assembly: You will need some glue (super glue works great). Clean the parts well before assembly. I included supports in many of the models. where holes are printed vertically I added supports that will need to be punched out with a screw driver or pried out with pliers. Many of the supports will pull right off, but you may want to clean up the edges with a razor. arm assembly: to assemble an arm you need a shoulder, shoulder pins (x2), upper arm, and lower arm. after cleaning up the prints pin the shoulder to the fat end of the upper arm. You may need to sand the pin down. DO NOT FORCE THE PIN! It will break the should (i speak from experience) after pushing in the pin I put a few drops of super glue on the outside ends of the pin to glue the pin to the shoulder piece. If you use too much glue you could immobilize the joint. Then pin the lower arm to the upper arm. the pins are long for the elbow joint. I carefully used a razor to cut off the extra material. Then glued the outside ends of the pin to the lower arm piece. Again not too much.

waist assembly: You need the 'waist' and two 'hips'. Before you glue these together do a test fit. You may need to shave of the tip of the hip so they can both fit flush against the...crotch...of the waist. Once you are sure they fit flush glue them well. Especially the the interface between the hip and the crotch. The one you made flush. This is a weak point.

Torso assembly: The Head arms and waist will all fit into the Upper torso pieces. DO A DRY FIT FIRST! make sure the joints all rotate well. Clean off the joints where necessary. I also had to clean up the interface between the two upper torso parts to get a good clean seam between them. Once you are comfortable with the fit, glue it up. Be sure to keep glue away from joints.

Leg assembly: Do a dry fit. Alignment is crucial if you want it to stand on it's own two feet. Then glue them up. You are Done! Enjoy

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