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SummaryA 3D printed and shareable little library for lovers of reading, books, sharing, and Little Free Libraries. Print one for yourself or to share in your nearest Little Free Library. You can also use it as a bookend, a library for a dollhouse, or to hold jewelry and small knick-knacks. Modeled to 1” scale based on plans found on This little Little Free Library would make a great 3D printed gift for bookworms and lovers of the sharing economy. This model is designed in separate parts for easy printing on home 3D printers and to give you the freedom to mix and match colors when you print your library. Once you have printed all of your pieces, the library is easy to assemble together with your adhesive of choice. There are two files for the roof of the library. One that can be printed in one piece, and another file to print each roof panel separately. There are also two post design files available for printing. One with a flat bottom for placing on a table or inside your local Little Free Library, and one with a stake for placing in the ground. Little Free Library is a registered trademark of Little Free Library Ltd. ( and is used with their permission. InstructionsThe components of this library were 3D printed on a MakerBot Z18 and MakerBot Replicator 2. I had difficulty printing librarybox.stl on the Z18, but was able to print it on the Replicator 2 without any problems. Users with other printers may need to use support. Once your pieces are printed, assemble them together and glue with your adhesive of choice.

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