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SummaryI designed this Ukulele after printing a few of the other Ukes on Thingiverse that were good but still had room for improvement. Improvements include: No buzzing No sharp corners Doesn't get out of tune on the higher frets. 2 halves fit together properly machines fit great. The 2 parts fit together snugly for me there was no need for glue but depending on your printer/slicer you may need to. You will need 4 Uke machine heads just google B00EQ29KNG and you'll find the ones I used. I bought some machine heads that were too long so I made a spacer block you can add to the back so everything will still work properly. also you will need 4 Ukelele strings. You will need a print area at least 10.5" tall. If you want to print this on a smaller printer let me know what size you have and I can try to split it up for you so you can glue the parts together. I've improved everything I could think of but if you feel like there is something that could be better please let me know! All feedback is welcome. 02/21/2015 - Added new files with neck and body cut in half for a smaller height requirement (now 5.35" or 136 mm tall) I haven't tried gluing these halves together so let me know how that works for you. 02/28/2015 - Added a spacer that you can add to the back of the head if your tuners are too long.InstructionsDesigned in SolidWorks Sliced with KISSlicer Printed in PLA 2mm skin thickness 20% infill 220°

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