Hair Clipper Vacuum Attachment

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The Idea is a No Mess Hair, Clipper, Hair Cut. Connect your Clippers to your Vacuum Cleaner and suck away the hair as you Cut! The Adapter is made in 2 Parts that clip together and Zip-Tie to the Top of the Clippers. I made 2 Flex Tube Adaptors to suit my Vacuum, this exercise is governed by the Brand and Size of your Existing Vacuum and Hose, but, Duct Tape will suffice? It fits over a Clipper Head that is 50mm Wide at the Comb Extremities. I Printed both parts on a Raise 3D N1 Printer at 0.1mm Layer Depth using PLA with a Raft and No Support (Inbuilt Breakaway Supports make this Possible). It works a Treat!

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