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Braking news! Its impossible for me to know all the calibration diferences between printers, plastic coeficient shrinkage for all types and brands of filaments and the particular slack of your machine so you will need to adjust and scale the part accordingly so it fits your cables! Scaling the part 1.03% is a good starting point ;)

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  • The iCableguard saves your Apple lighting cables from getting ragged and bent and gives a bit of extra life to your broken cables.
  • This can help you if the silicone cable casing has broken.
  • This has saved me $20 on new cables already!!!

How about printing a matching iPhone case?! Take a look here:

By purchasing any of this, you are helping me bring more cool 3D printable designs to life, I am a full time 3D designer and entrepreneur, every little bit helps!!! Thanks in advance :)

This model is accurately measured and modelled on a parametric CAD program using Apple's official specs and guidelines , tolerances and model integrity were taken into account, as any professionally designed product should be. For PLA it fits the iPhone 6/6S out of the printer (FDM). For ABS you may need to adjust for plastic shrinkage (FDM). I am not liable for any harm done to your or someone other´s iPhone.

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