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Here is my first ever 3D model of a passive speaker dock for the iphone 6/6s. 

The Dock has room for both a 3.5mm jack for an audio out and a lightning cable. 

You can use standard apple lightning cable or any generic lightning cable (I used an insignia lightning port from Best Buy best their are cheaper) you can find at your local electronic store. I have tried both ABS and PLA on this model and they both sound terrific. Although I recommend using wood filament with a 60%-90% infill to increase the bounce sound. I prefer using wood/bamboo filament as shown in the pictures because it looks cooler too :).

Print Settings

Printer Brand: PrintrbotPrinter: Simple Black

Rafts: Yes

Supports: Yes

Infill: 30%

Notes: I recommend printing this speaker on its side to limit the amount of lift. I had some warping issues when printing the object as it is.

I recommend using supports for this model so that the dome where the sounds travels out of the block has an almost spherical shape. This part is important if you want the sound to travel better and it looks cool. How I Designed This I designed this in the attempt to increase the sound of my speaker. I used a old school boombox for the 80's as my inspiration.

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