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A smart, compact and easy to print tripod for your smartphone! Stop carry around those bulky and awkward tripods, it's time to change, it's MonoPod time! You can choose from five different camera angles (45, 60, 90, 135 and 150 degrees) get inspired by the world around you and make wonderful photos and videos! The slot has a width of 10 mm so it can accommodate a large number of mobile phone. If you want your MonoPod fits like a glove your smartphone you just have to scale it depending on the size of your phone. For example if the thickness of your smartphone is 7,8 mm scale your MonoPod by a factor of 0,78, simple! (remember to also consider the thickness of the cover if you want to use it). Take MonoPod with you in your handbag or pocket and let the world be your tripod! More at

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