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CascaquaTM is a Home Aquaponics System released free to the 3D printing community to promote sustainable technology and healthy living. The patent pending CascaquaTM – Cascading Aquaponics System is a closed loop ecologically balanced system that combines the cultivation of plants without soil and the cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). It is essentially a mini ecological system where the plants care for the fish and the fish care for the plants symbiotically. Aquaponics is considered the most natural method of growing organic produce as the produce is entirely free of chemicals which surprisingly not all organic produce is. It is also a very effective method of caring for your fish because the filtration system is natural, continuous and it oxygenates the water. The Cascaqua features a sculptural tower of cascading grow beds stacked above a beautifully crafted fish bowl. A quiet pump keeps the water recirculating, the pump sound is completely masked by the tranquil trickling as the water reenters the fish bowl. Start manufacturing your own Cascaqua free by downloading and 3D printing the Cascaqua parts here. You will also need to source a fish bowl, pump and flexible tube all of which can easily be sourced from Amazon. Parts info: – 270mm diameter fish bowl with a 170mm diameter opening. – 300L/hour submersible pump. – 8mm O.D. flexible tube. – Printables required qty’s: Cacade planter (qty 5), Outrigger 1 (qty 3), Outrigger 2 (qty 1), Base (qty 1). Note; you may need to adjust the outriggers to suit your fish bowl.

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