DJI Inspire 1 Battery Heater

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SummaryREAD THIS VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE PRINTING!!! For safety reasons, it is critical to use the following printer settings (for PLA): Temperature: 210°C Layer: 0.1mm Use high quality cyanacrylate to glue the parts of STL-files 1 and 2. STL-File 1: Fill 50% min., speed 35 mm/s max. STL-File 2: Fill 50% min., speed 35 mm/s max. For the square cavity, support is very recommended. STL-File 3: Fill 100%, speed 35 mm/s max. These settings are necessary to ensure the high quality of the final part. Because of these settings, the printing process can take more than 15 hours, so be patient. If you modify these settings, do it allways with the purpose of ADDING stability to the parts! The thermal bags are not included in this project and must be purchased separately ;-)

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