OWL CLOCK with moving eyes


I wanted an owl clock with moving eyes, so I designed one.

I used this ring model as my base design


You will need a battery powered clock with a pendulum 

( or just glue the eyes in place for a clock without a pendulum)

This model is sized for a clock with a minute hand measuring 53mm

I tried uploading a .3df file showing all the pieces in place and colour coded, but it's not a format that's accepted.

Post Script: It was brought to my attention that some people had problems printing this model, so I uploaded a repaired version labelled "Owl Clock revised"

Design Files

File Size

6.45 MB
5.64 MB
OWL CLOCK eyes.stl
1.83 MB
OWL CLOCK pieces.stl
1.06 MB
OWL CLOCK all pieces in place.stl
8.29 MB


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