BK117 Clutch Cap Removal Tool

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This is the BK117 Clutch Cap Removal Tool for removing the freewheeling clutch caps on the main transmission of a BK117 type Helicopter.

Please see pictures for assembly.  Video of how it works

I recommend printing these in a Strong material with 100% infill or having Shapeway print them out of Strong Flexiable Plastic (Nylon).  

I have printed two myself, one out of Taulmans Alloy 910, and the other with Polymakers PC-Plus.  Both feel like they should be strong enough.

*Note:  I have not had a chance to use the tool, so right now this is in Beta, and I may have to update and add changes after I have been able to use it.  But feel free to print and test yourself.  I would appreciate any feedback.

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