Whistle - Klingon & Star Wars


SummaryBecause Klingon's and Imperial offices alike need to call in their troops - I created this whistle for them... The design is based on the whistle I used for coaching long ago. It was loud and simple in design. I made it in halves because the Objet24 printer uses support material - and cleaning the inside would have been terrible - and shorter parts print quicker. I designed it such that they snap together and no glue is needed - though adding glue will guarantee it won't come apart. I also made them in a single file rather than as separate parts so it was easier to share. Now go out there and get those troops into shape!Post-PrintingThis is my print - after cleaning all the support material off. and here they are assembled... It's true - I didn't clean them very well - but the design worked perfectly, and no glue was needed - and LOUD! Excellent!

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