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SummaryKatanas are traditionally a Japanese curved single edge blade between 60�73 cm. This is one was 3d printed in 2 pieces on my custom XXL Rostock Max w/ some spare filament. Its blade length is ~72cm and the total length is around 1m. This was a fun project and about 2 days worth of printing. The final weight of the katana was ~326g. It would undoubtedly break if struck strongly against something but it's surprisingly sturdy. I haven't seen another full size 3d printed Katana yet so I'd like to think this is the first worldwide. Good luck printing! Instructions1) Aquire printer that can print 1m in one dimension. 2) Print the sword blade w/ 3 perimeters and 0% infill 3) Print the handle w/ 3 perimeters and 20% infill 4)Join the blade to the handle 5) Print the sheath at 2 perimeters and 1% infill

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