Mini-pendant light shade #3


This is a shade printed to fit a particular Westinghouse Mini-Pendant light commonly available in home improvement stores and Amazon (link below). You can put a smallish LED bulb in the fixture. Don't use an incandescent bulb because it will be too hot, of course. It was printed with clear PLA on a BQ witbox using a PRINTinZ Zebra Plate. The blue color comes from running the filament through a Staz-on Teal Blue ink pad (link below). I drilled a 1/8" hole through the pad and it's plastic case. The filament wicks the ink along with it and dries before it gets to the extruder. (I printed some little struts to hold the pad in place on my Prusa.) I got this idea from Dovid Teitelbaum on the Facebook 3D Printing Group, who did something similar with a sharpie.

The outer wall of the shade is a straight cone, but the inner wall has some waves to it to create some variation in the opacity. It took 11 hours to print at 0.2mm layer height,

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