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This is a standard set of dice as is frequently used for table top role playing games. I included both the whole dice models as well as a set split in half. The bottom side of a whole die model will not print as nicely in many printers, because of how the first layer is printed. This can be avoided using the halved models, because the first layer will be buried inside once the model is fully assembled.

I think they turned out nicely. The numbers are painted with a simple black acrylic paint, which I applied into the recessed numbers using a toothpick. The apparent difference in the color between each die is due solely to the reflective nature of the filament I used and the angle of the sides relative to the camera. They were all printed using the same silver filament. The symbol found on each of the dice takes place of the highest number on it, twenty sided die it's twenty etc. 

Update: The original model for the four sided die ended up having numbers that were far too small, at least for my printer, so I have added an updated version that works better. I decided to try the full model of the new version of the four sided die and it worked much better. The bottom didn't look as nice, so I wouldn't recommend using the un-split model. It is also important to keep in mind that if your extruder nozzle is too hot, sharp peaks on top can start melting and deform if it doesn't move away often enough to allow for complete cooling. This is another problem that could come from printing the whole dice models, especially the four sided die.

Recommended Settings:

Layer height: 0.1 mm

Infill: Maximum or nearly there (Low infill settings make the dice too light to roll nicely)

Supports: Not for the half dice (recommended), but many of the whole dice may need it.

Raft: Shouldn't need it, but do it if it seems like your printer will need it.

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