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SummaryThis is a Fire Selector for a airsoft G36 based on my Tokyo Marui fire selector switch. It's the left part, to make the right one, you will need to mirror it. You will find 2 version of the fire selector, the "big" one holes in the back are a little bit bigger (0.25mm) to compensate for my FDM printer hole setting. There is a hole for a set screw to hold the fire selector in place but I didn't need it in my case the big version was tight enough. You can use your original metal ball to hold the fire selector in position or use a little piece of filament (nylon would be best).Print SettingsPrinter: BI v2.5Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 50%+Notes: The rotating switch is hard to turn and will require a resistant part to handle. Use a least a 0.4mm head and 0.2mm resolution to get enought strengh when trying to turn the switch with the selector lever.

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