1960's Sport Seat Bucket Seat (Cobrette)


This is a model of a classic 1960's Sports Car seat.

The seat has been scaled so the width of the seat is 1 mm.  This allows the purchaser to size the width of the seat to fit their particular model.  If you seat needs to be 35 mm wide then just scale it up by 35.

The original size of this seat was 565.15 mm (22.25")  so, if you are printing a 1/8 scale model of this seat then you should just divide 565.15 by 8 and that will result in your scaling factor (70.64).  If you are printing a 1/12 scale model of this seat then just take 565.15 and divide by 12 and you get a scaling factor of 47.1

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normalized hotrod seat v 2.STL
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