Diamagnetic Levitation Using Bismuth and Magnets

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SummaryThis is the frame of a project that uses two bismuth plates and a large magnet to make another magnet levitate. Bismuth is number 83 on the periodic table and has many unique properties. It creates beautiful crystal formations and is diamagnetic. For this project we will use bismuth's diamagnetic property. Diamagnetic materials, like bismuth, when introduced to a magnetic field it creates a force that is the opposite of the magnetic force that has been presented to it. 1. This should only be done with parental guidance because this project can be dangerous at times. 2. Some of the stl files provided are different from the pictures shown, but they should be easier to use and better looking in the final product. 3. Better pictures will be uploaded sometime this week to show how to put it together/ how it worksPrint SettingsPrinter Brand: Up!Printer: Up MiniRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: 0.3mm recommendedInfill: Any besides noneNotes: I recommend using a low resolution because the middle and top pieces will slide too much without the rough outside of the object.How I Designed ThisThis is my inspiration for my design and it uses the same principles that is shown in this video.RequirementsWhat You Need A pound of pure bismuth Two neodymium magnets 2a. One large to glue to the top piece. 2b. One small to put in between the bismuth plates to levitate Two soda cans- you need the bottom of them to mold the molten bismuth Steel pot- one you don't like anymore because it will probably be ruined when you melt the bismuth Stove Hot glue gun Super glue Instructions You will need to flip over your soda cans and i recommend having something beneath them like a steel pan in case of any spills of the molten bismuth. You will need to melt down your bismuth on a stove in your steel pot. Once melted slowly pour the molten bismuth onto the bottom of the soda cans and wait for them to cool When they're cooled down find a way to remove them from the bottom of the cans and sand the semi flat ends to make them even flatter; then you can polish it if you want. Next you will need to print all of the pieces provided and you can follow the pictures to see how they go together Then you can get your hot glue gun and glue the bismuth plates into the little indents provided and try to keep both of them as flat as possible, it's not a big deal if it's not exactly flat. Then you can follow the pictures again and all you need to do is adjust the middle and top pieces so that the magnet in between the bismuth levitates.

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