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SummaryLooking for a good Math/Science Project for your young Engineer? This is a 3D printed funnel with four different size nozzles you can use to test the relationship between the time it takes sand to flow through the funnel and the size of the hole. My daughter's hypothesis was that the time would have a non-linear relationship to the area of the hole. Do you think she was right? Print SettingsPrinter: BQ WitboxRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .20mmInfill: 20%Notes: This is a pretty straightforward print. The experiment...The largest nozzle is the same size as the hole in the funnel. This was done for consistency between tests. Use clean, dry sand. It's a good idea to run it through a screen to make sure there are no big pieces of anything in it. Hold a finger over the opening and pour in the sand. Use a straight edge to level off the top. Start a timer as you remove your finger and hold the funnel level and steady. Record the time to empty it. Do at least three trials at each nozzle size and average them. Make a plot of time in seconds against the nozzle diameters ( or areas). The diameters were chosen to give you a hole area of about: 1.0 in sq 0.75 in sq 0.50 in sq 0.25 in sq

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