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GoPro protection on multirotors has been something I've been experiementing on since breaking my first Hero3 on my miniquad. This lead me to make my youtube video on how to mod the stock housing, which was praised and used by FPV Pilots such as Metalldanny.

I decided to design a 3D printed version... The AG GoPro Armour features:

- lined inside with craft foam

- the width of the armour is the same as the gopro, so it can fit in gopro cages of existing miniquad frames (such as the MB Epic and Hovership Zuul

- the buttons are protected from being hit or pressed accidently

- a standard gopro lense protector can be used


- use an adhesive back craft foam to line the inside of the armour. Use this or something similiar

- the GoPro will fit inside the armour with friction from the foam. A velcro strap can be used to secure the armour onto the GoPro. Use this or something similiar

- in some mounting scenarios, I don't use the velcro strap, because the gopro cage of your miniquad will have its own velcro strap to hold the GoPro (and armour) to the frame.

- on your miniquad gopro cage frame, use the same craft foam to line where it will make contact with the AG GoPro Armour. It will give it extra support, dampen vibration and keep the Armour from sliding.

- because the buttons are protected and recessed inside the AG GoPro Armour, use a stylus or other rounded pointing device to access and press the buttons.

- when cutting the foam, press the foam onto the Armour and cut along the indents

- a curved lexan scissor works well to cut curves in the foam

- a hole puncher works well to cut out circles in the foam

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