Pixel Fire Flower (Magnet or Pin) - Super Mario World

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Please watch this video for more information and to see how I painted it: https://youtu.be/udxLeGrKlCY

This is a pixel Fire Flower from Super Mario World. It's decently small as I intended it as a fridge magnet or pin for a kid's backpack, but it's easily scalable if you want a giant Fire Flower :).

I painted this using standard acrylic paints and a brush. I left the black areas recessed so it's easy to print in black and paint the raised areas. Then I glued a small magnet on the back of it using krazy glue. You could also get a pin of some sort and glue that just as easily to put on clothing.

This was printed at 0.3mm layer height on my Robo 3D printer using black PLA. Thanks for checking this out!

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