Ultimaker 2 Replacement Print Head V1.1

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SummaryThis is a print head for the Ultimaker 2. I created it after my second original print head got cracks. It is a drop in replacement, you can use stock bearings. The cables are fixed on the outside and the outer part is desinged to be removed by only loosen the four screws. Desing is mostly influenced by http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:703974 but I wanted a drop in replacement not changing the original size and shape too much and not to have to alter the firmware. UPDATE V1.1: I created a little improved version. I change the hole where the bowden tube fix will be inserted, before it was a bit hard to fix the clamp. Also I thickened the section on the outer body where the cables will be fixed because on my ABS one broke out right away.Print SettingsRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.1mmInfill: 40%/50%Notes: Printed with 40% rectilinear infill for PLA and 50% full honeycomb for ABS. 25mm/s overall speed, fist layer 80%, outline 50%, solid infill 80%, support 80%. Retraction 4.5mm, speed 25mm/s, 0.2mm vertical lift, coasting 1.5mm. Temp was 210°/60° for Innofil black PLA, 240°/90° for Innofil silver ABS.InstructionsPrinted with Innofil black PLA and Innofil silver ABS, sliced with Simplify3D v3 with supports. Printed a second version in ABS because when printing longer time with high temperature the bottom of the parts in contact with the "cold" end deform a little bit. Cold end reaches a temperature a little above glass transtition temp of PLA. This stops after a while but after the first prints you have to adjust the buildplate every time and retighten the screws. So I thought ABS is WTG...

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