Modular Rocket Ship

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Modular Rocket Ship

I posted the thrusters and boosters up for free. Check those out and make a cute rocket.

I design this to be rocket ship playhouse. The top cover and main compartment of the rocket can be rotated or exchange  with any compartment designs (control room, bedroom, engine room etc). Same goes with the cover (antenna, satelite dish, etc).

The top can be remove to fit another chamber. Multiple compartments! They have slots at the bottom of the compartments so they wont fall off.

I'm designing different chambers and expansion compartments.

Printing: I used PLA.

1. I used support for the cover. (It should print fine without support, speed is key). Others don't need supp. 2. I printed the mount with 1 layer wall 10% infill. Lower the print speed at the up curve. This helps retain the up curve shape.(mine was a bit wobbly, not cooling fast enough).

3. Make sure the the print sticks flat to the platform. So that the grove and the holes of chamber and lid are aligned.

4. The mount, thrusters and boosters are all glued. 

Thank you for visiting. Post a comment. Happy printing.

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