Bed Upgrade for Prusa i3

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SummaryBed 20x30cm Upgrade for Prusa i3. Previously it's necessary print in the 3D printer this parts: -Y axis tensor -Y axis motor -Y axis end stop baseInstructionsBill of materials: -1 x GT2 pulley (20 theet) -1 x GT2 belt 6mmx m -4 x Standard Spring 30.5x4.5x0.45 -2 x Ø8X440MM-CROMAD Smooth rod M4 Inner threaded (.dxf attached) -2 xThreaded rod M10 x440 mm with M4 innerthreaded (.dxf attached) -1 x 200x300x8mm black acrylic printing bed (.dxf attached) -1 x Glass 200x300x5mm (.pdf attached) -1 x Black aluminum 4mm front (.dxf attached) -1 x Black aluminum 4mm back (.dxf attached) -8 x M4 Washer Nylon - DIN 125N-4 White -8 x M4x16 Screw -5 x M3x25 Screw -4 x M3 x10 Screw -2 x M3 x20 Screw -3 x M3 Nut -4 x M10 serrated Nut -Y Axis printed tensor (STL attached) -Y Axis printed motor (STL attached) -Y Axis end stop base (STL attached)

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