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SummaryWatching prints in my dimly lit dining room is difficult on my eyes. So, I set out to light my print bed. This idea went from a desk lamp, to white LEDs, to the current seven color surround lighting. Included are a cover for a switching circuit and LED mounts. I am using 5050 RGB LEDs. This allows for the following color mixes: Red Green Blue Cyan (Green + Blue) Yellow (Red + Green) Magenta (Red + Blue) White (Red + Green + Blue) EDIT 1/14/2015: I have added a schematic, a BOM, and some instructions in response to the number of views and downloads within 24hrs of posting.InstructionsBill of Materials Purchase: Three RGB LEDs Four 400 to 600 Ohm resistors Four switches Wires, solder, circuit board, etc. Print: Three LED Covers Electronics Cover Instructions: After acquiring or printing the materials above you will need to wire the LEDs, resistors, and switches together. Please see the images above for a schematic. The circuit I designed has a master power switch allowing you to turn the lights on and off. This is unnecessary, but I like to be able to switch off the lights when natural lighting is abundant. The three other switches allow you to choose and mix each color (RGB) individually. My power supply is burning the LEDs at 12 volts and each LED's loop in the circuit is drawing about 21 mA of current because of the 550 Ohm resistors. The 5050 LEDs will function with a reduced lifetime at higher currents. I recommend a 400 to 600 Ohm resistor for each loop. Adjust accordingly for your power supply.

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