Waste Board Clamp for Shapeoko, X-Carve & Other CNC


A modified version of the clamp assembly by CaliRaisin to hold down parts on your CNC machine's waste board. The original submission by CaliRaisin lacked the source file so users were unable to edit the dimensions of the hole for the bolt. 

I recreated the clamp in Fusion 360, resized the hole to 5/16 and published the source and the STL files for others to customize and enjoy.

Print Settings -> Rafts: No, Supports: Yes, Resolution: .375mm, Infill: 25

Notes: Printed on Printrbot Metal plus using 1.75MM filament and a .75mm nozzle. I suggest printing the clamp with supports in case bridging is an issue. There are two files included.

- P1 of 2 is the clamp (recommend support) - P2 of 2 is the pivot

Because I recreated the design, I adjusted the dimensions so that little or no sanding is required when putting the two parts together. Also, make sure to print flat on it's side.

Design Files

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