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SummaryRadial bearing generator Full customizable: bearing external diameter; bearing internal diameter; bearing height; bearing rings thickness; sphere diameter; number of spheres; type of cage; Attention: We have a lot of parameters. Not all combinations will work. Be careful! The Cliclop bearing is for use with object: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:740357 Made in OpenSCAD full customizable. You can help me to do more things like this. Buy my designs at pinshape:http://pinshape.com/users/27920-jsirgado The OpenSCAD file is there, you can change all.Custom SectionOptimization: Use metallic spheres, it is cheap and easy to find, just adjust the parameters to match. The 2 bearings uploaded (Ciclop and Sample) use spheres of 10mm; Attention: The values for "bearing rings thickness" and "sphere diameter" are very importante, you need adjust they with care. Cage type: No cage = Print the full set and you need a full ring of spheres; One cage = Housing cage, Simple, just push and play; Two cages = Best, need glue, 50+50 top and bottom; Full cage = Print the full set, just for precise printers; That is all.No cage print the bearing at once: (add support material, print in vertical position or make the bearing and the spheres with same height)One cage, just push to housing:Two cages, print it 2 times and glue all:Full cage, print the bearing at once and add support material:

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