here is a list of screws and such.Required 

Hardware Items:


(10X) M2.2 Self tapping screw, 6mm long (used to secure printed frame pieces together)

(4X) M2.2 Self tapping screw, 4mm long (used to secure 32x32mm FPV camera)

(8X) M3 Self tapping screw, 8mm long (used to mount flight 36x36mm flight controller and printed tail boom)

(8X) M3 Socket head cap screw, 16mm long (used to mount front motor mounting)

(2X) M3 Socket head cap screw, 5mm long (used for tail motor mounting)

(3X) Anti-vibration Bobbins (used to isolate the camera tray assembly)

(4X) Flanged ABEC-7 Ball Bearings (used for front arm pivots, will eventually be replaced with printed bushings)

(1X) 1/8" Clevis Pin (used as tail pivot axle)

(2X) Carbon tube .375" OD, .25" ID, cut to 4.2" Length (used for front booms)

(1X) Hitec HS-45HB Servo (current yaw mechanism only fits this servo, but I plan to update the design later)

Suggested Electronics: ====================

(1X) Flight Controller: Naze32, Tau Labs Sparky, BrainFPV, or anything with 36x36mm PCB (30.5x30.5mm mounting)

(3X) 2204-size Brushless Motors: Cobra 2300kv or 1960kv, Sunnysky 2300kv, anything with a 16x19mm bolt spacing will work with mounts

(3X) 12A ESC's: SimonK or BLHeli, or KISS suggested, I used 12A ZTW Spiders for my build, and Lumenier 12A ESC's are also a good option.

(1X) FPV Board Camera: SONY 600TVL is what I used but most 32x32mm size cameras should work

(1X) 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter: TS5823 32ch 200mW, the upper plate is specifically designed for this transmitter to snap in, but others can be used.

(1X) 5.8 GHz Antenna: I used a circular polarized with a right angle connector directly on the video transmitter above.

(3X) Props: HQ 6045's are good, frame will fit any 6" or smaller prop

(Multiple) Battery: 1300mAh 3S LiPo, 45C or higher discharge recommended

Assembly Notes: ===============

  • The clevis pin in the hardware list above is used as the tail pivot. The pin should move freely in the motor mount portion of the yaw mechanism and have a slight interference/press fit in the pivot tab on the tail boom. If the pin moves freely in both parts, use a dab of epoxy near the head of the pin to prevent it from falling out during flight.
  • Printed yaw motor mount has integrated spline which matches Hitec HS-45HB servo. Use the screw that comes with the servo to attach these two parts.

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